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Keeping you safe!

If you’re paying us a visit, please keep us all safe by staying in your car, and using our Drive-Thru service, as our tasting rooms are currently closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. No need to order ahead of time, our staff is on hand with appropriate PPE, and will get you in and out of here quick. Our paper menu’s are currently single use and not reused. See below for what we currently have available To-Go.

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  • Bier
    Helles-style Lager
    5.2% ABV - $14 / 4 Pack
  • Pils Titan
    Hoppy Cali Pilsner w/ Motueka
    5.8% ABV - $15 / 4 Pack
  • Not A "Vanity Project"
    Oak Lagered Schwarzbier. Collab w/ Resident Culture
    6.0% ABV - $15 / 4 Pack
  • New Adventures
    Nitro Golden Milk Stout w/ Portola Coffee
    5.4% ABV - $18 / 4 Pack



Helles-style Lager

Using all German ingredients, except for the water, each batch is another baby step towards recreating what we’ve experienced in Munich. Straw in color, with a subtly and nuance that is hard to describe and instead needs to be experienced! Notes of fresh baked bread, herbal tea, and hay create a beer style that is praised for it’s liter-worthy drinkability.

5.2% ABV

Pils Titan

Hoppy Cali Pilsner w/ Motueka

The self-proclaimed Pils Titan is a living and breathing, freewheelin' phenomenon that pours your Pils slow, to ensure that the head is rocky and pops out of the glass like a marshmallow cloud on top of your beer. To the Pils Titan, we say "Thank You" for caring about the presentation of a finely crafted Pils. With the hoppiness of some of your favorite IPA's, and the drinkability of some of your favorite Pilsners, we bring you your new California lover! Brewed and extra dry hopped with only New Zealand's Motueka from Freestyle Farms, this beer shines with a lime sherbet-like hoppiness, but remains dry and sinkable.

5.8% ABV

Not A "Vanity Project"

Oak Lagered Schwarzbier. Collab w/ Resident Culture

Back in January of this year, we had the pleasure to have our bud, Chris, from Resident Culture out from North Carolina for a brew with us. That batch was the 2nd brew on our new (to us) brewhouse at Green Cheek Too, and we and totally messed it up. We re-brewed that beer in March with waaaay better success and then lagered it in our cold room in American Oak Barrels, with Amburana wood added to them, for 10 weeks. Amburana wood, aka Brazilian Oak, is the key ingredient that changes this Schwarzbier into something unlike anything we’ve made before with it’s cacao, cinnamon and cola-like flavors. The beer is a deep brown, almost black, is medium in body, and from first sip, hits with a Cola-like spice character, a bit of nutmeg, some cacao and finishes dry. Such a fun project!

6.0% ABV

New Adventures

Nitro Golden Milk Stout w/ Portola Coffee

We teamed up with our bud, Jeff Duggan of Portola Coffee, to bring you something that looks like a blonde ale, but tastes like a coffee milk stout! It’s full-bodied, creamy like a Portola cappuccino, and hits with flavors of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, toasted almonds, and coffee, yep, lots of coffee! Each can is ON NITRO, so you’ll want to give it a light shake back and forth, crack it open, and then pour fast, down the side of your pint glass. *contains lactose*

5.4% ABV

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Hi, we’re Green Cheek Beer Company! Just a small, independent brewery that is owned and operated by two friends who really love beer and the community it creates.

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