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On Tap

Pally Pils

Italian-Style Pilsner

Buddy, Friend, Homie, Pally, Amico, or whatever you call your favorite people, let’s celebrate those friendships with a Pils or two! Light, dry and snappy, we built the base with German Pilsner malt and layered it with a variety of different German hops throughout the boil and whirlpool and then dry hopped it with the all new (to us), German grown Amarillo. The result is dry and fairly bitter, with some herbal, and even a touch of dank, flavor notes.

4.8% ABV


Munich-Style Helles

Using all German ingredients, except for the water, each batch is another baby step towards recreating what we’ve experienced in Munich. Straw in color, with a subtly and nuance that is hard to describe and instead needs to be experienced! Notes of fresh baked bread, herbal tea, and hay create a beer style that is praised for it’s liter-worthy drinkability.

5.2% ABV

Oaked Just Right

Oaked Helles Lager

Our latest version of this barrel aged lager features our Helles Export-style Lager - which we kept unfiltered and without beer finings - lagered for 3 months in medium-toast American Oak Barrels. The result remains dry and crushable, and showcases layers of snickerdoodle and cream soda-like flavors from the time spent on this type of oak.

5.2% ABV

Pils Titan

Cali Pils Dry hopped w/ Motueka

The self-proclaimed Pils Titan is a living and breathing, freewheelin' phenomenon that pours your Pils slow, to ensure that the head is rocky and pops out of the glass like a marshmallow cloud on top of your beer. To the Pils Titan, we say "Thank You" for caring about the presentation of a finely crafted Pils. With the hoppiness of some of your favorite IPA's, and the drinkability of some of your favorite Pilsners, we bring you your new California lover! Brewed and extra dry hopped with only New Zealand's Motueka from Freestyle Farms, this beer shines with a lime sherbet-like hoppiness, but remains dry and sinkable.

5.8% ABV

Australian For Pale

Australian-Style Pale Ale w/ Galaxy, Motueka & Nelson

We’re loving this New Zealand Cascade from Freestyle Farms, so we wanted to show it off in this super lean Pale Ale! Double dry hopped and bloomin’ with flavors of lemon, basil and honeydew.

5.8% ABV

Fill In the Blank

Hazy IPA w/ Mosaic & Simcoe

Holy Moly! We’re so in love with this one! Brewed with pilsner malt and a mound of oats, we let the Mosaic do the heavy lifting right into your nostrils, with some Simcoe sprinkled in for good measure, but it’s really all about that Mosaic! So much big, punchy flavor/aroma of mandarin, pineapple, mango, and _______(Fill in the Blank).

6.5% ABV

Radiant Beauty

West Coast IPA w/Citra, Mosaic, & Simcoe

Our recent Great American Beer Festival 2019 Silver medal winner, and World Beer Cup 2018 Silver medal winner makes its return! This is a beer that celebrates the love we have for our beloved mascot, Cheeky! Layered with the holy trinity (Citra, Mosaic, and Simcoe) for a radiantly clear IPA.

6.7% ABV

Member IPA?

West Coast IPA w/Mosaic

Member when your beer was clear? Member when it was bitter? Member when you didn’t have to ask if it was West Coast or Hazy? This beer is that beer. All Canadian barley and dry hopped with 100% Mosaic. You member?

7.0% ABV

Party Pack

Hazy IPA W/Mosaic, El Dorado & Ekuanot

A Hazy IPA bursting with flavor and perfect for enjoying with a group of your closest friends. We used Mosaic, El Dorado, and Ekuanot hops to start this party, and leave the rest to you!

7.3% ABV

Quick Study

Hazy IPA w/Ekuanot

Dry hopped with 100% Ekuanot hops, this hazy IPA gets fluffed up with a generous addition of old fashioned oats, and then lets our peachy yeast strain pair perfectly with the cantaloupe and dankness from the Ekuanot.

7.3% ABV

Taste of Happiness

Sour Hazy DIPA w/Cranberries, Orange Peel, & Cinnamon

‘Tis the time of year to grab yourself something tasty that makes you smile. Inspired by Cranberry Jam, we took a Hazy DIPA and fed it massive amounts of cranberry purée during fermentation, dry hopped it with Motueka, and then finished it off with Cinnamon and house-made Dried orange peel from Brian’s tree! The result is deep red in color, full-bodied, and hits with a juiciness that gives and gives, followed by a medium hit of acidity and a soft, cranberry tannic nibble in the finish. Smells like a holiday fruit punch, and is insanely drinkable at 8.5% abv. This beer is a proud moment for our team for a beer style we’ve been playing around with for a while, but don’t feel like we’ve gotten right until now.

8.5% ABV

Stay Lost

California Double IPA w/Citra & Amarillo

This is one of those "clear" IPA's. Light bodied, squeeky clean on the bitterness, with the dry hop being super heavy on the Citra and light on the Amarillo. The aroma profile hits with mandarin orange, candied grapefruit, but it's the flavors of ripe mango that show through the most that gets us excited.

9.4% ABV

The Speed of Smell

Hazy Triple IPA W/Citra & Amarillo

A hazy triple IPA made with pilsner malt, unmalted wheat, oats, Citra, and a touch of Amarillo. This one hits with pleasant notes of frosting, cantalope, mango, & nectarine skin. It's full bodied without being cloying, and has just a skosh of dankness to carry it's drinkability all the way through the glass.

10.3% ABV


For Those Who Know


3.9% ABV


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Hi, we’re Green Cheek Beer Company! Just a small, independent brewery that is owned and operated by two friends who really love beer and the community it creates.

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