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Sink Or Swim

Hazy IPA w/ Ekuanot & Mosaic

A Hazy IPA chalk full of more hops than we should probably admit! Brewed with 40% unmalted wheat and a flavorful yeast, this tasty buddy is a fun mélange of Ekuanot, Mosaic, and Simcoe hops.

7.0% ABV

West Coast IPA Is Dead

West Coast IPA w/ Citra & Simcoe

A clear IPA brewed without crystal malt to keep the color light and malt flavor low in order for all the Simcoe and Citra hops to shine through like crazy. Clean. Bitter. Hoppy.

7.2% ABV

Extra Gold Bird

DDH Hazy DIPA w/ Mosaic, Citra & Simcoe

Robert Frost once said, "Nothing gold can stay..." But you know what? If this gold bird was sittin' in my hand, it probably wouldn't last forever. I mean, it's a golden double IPA made from what might as well be 24 karat hops. And wait, it's double dry hopped with Mosaic, Citra, and Simcoe too? This is the good stuff! How sweet it is!

8.4% ABV

Have You Met 692?

California DIPA w/HBC692

Another beer in our single hop series - which is all about letting one single hop variety shine so that we can teach ourselves about it and learn what it’s all about - features an experimental hop that we've steadily been growing in admiration for, HBC 692. Squeaky-clean malt presence and yeast profile, light in body and in color, with the all HBC692 dry hop bringing so many expressive flavors and aromas that may otherwise be lost. The aroma brings a huge juicy mandarin-like character, with watermelon goodness, and a touch of oakyness on the palate. It’s strangely similar to the Sabro Double IPA we used on the last batch of this series, but a bit more inviting and less polarizing.

9.1% ABV

You Deserve It!

Hazy Triple IPA w/Milk Sugar & Motueka

A Triple Hazy IPA brewed with milk sugar and Motueka hops in celebration of our 2nd, 1st Anniversary. Go ahead, try one... you deserve it!

10.5% ABV

Cut the Lights

Oatmeal Stout on Nitro

A stout made for summertime and a nod to some of the classic English Stout recipes that Ron Pattison has discovered. We use a house made caramel and then layer in with different roasted barley malts from Simpsons Malting.

5.1% ABV

Failing Up 2.0

Coffee Stout

We switched out the coffee on this batch to an Ethiopian coffee, and then made it even more full bodied and chocolatier than the first batch. Pumped!

5.5% ABV

Window Shopping

Imperial Stout

When we originally brewed this beer, we felt like the bitterness could mellow out a bit, so we aged it in the cold room for the last 7 months to bring the whole thing together. How’s it taste? It’s rich and decandent, with smooth chocolately-like flavors dominating. Layers of Cacao and Columbian coffee throughout this all-malt, no adjunct beer. Just an Imperial Stout that makes us smile. ?

11.5% ABV

Release the Balloons

Spritzy Yuzu Wheat Beer

An airy, tart, and easy drinking summertime crusher featuring one of our favorite citrus fruits, the yuzu.

4.3% ABV

Time Will Tell

Foeder-Aged Old School Sour Ale

Fermented in our French Oak Foeder with our house mixed culture and then keg conditioned to develop carbonation naturally. Aged hops, pilsner malt, unmalted wheat, and lots of time make for a beer that is both bitter and acidic, with lots of stone fruit funk and a bit of herbacous potpourri-like character.

5.7% ABV


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Hi, we’re Green Cheek Beer Company! Just a small, independent brewery that is owned and operated by two friends who really love beer and the community it creates.

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