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Light Lager

The perfect embodiment of the beer style loved all across America. Cold, extremely light, cold, easy drinking, cold, watery, cold, super carbonated, cold, crushable; my friends, I give you Slamdaddy! Served cold.

4.0% ABV


Munich Helles Export

After consuming liters upon liters of Augustiner Edelstoff on a recent trip to Munich, we couldn’t help but try our hand at making one of our own. We’re in love with its light yellowy color, medium body and delicate balance of deliciousness.

5.8% ABV

Oaked Just Right

Barrel Aged Lager

Our third barrel aged lager features a more subtle oak characteristic while still maintaining the balance between the cream soda-like flavors and tannin structure that help make this dry lager one of our favorite crushers.

5.8% ABV

Fools & Babies

Nitro Stout

Brewed with (our absolute favorite) UK grown Simpsons Malt in order to provide lots of caramel, chocolate, and turbinado characters with just a touch of sweetness to this nitro stout for a silky-smooth finish. Pint after pint, Brian can’t get enough of this one!

4.5% ABV

Dom In Zion

Hazy Pale Ale w/Orange and Black Tea

5.3% ABV

New Neon Sign

Hazy Pale Ale

So, we got a new neon sign, right? Then we had a shirt made to celebrate it, but it didn't feel like enough to show how excited we are about it, so we made this new beer too. Brewed with California grown barley from Admiral Maltings, this Hazy Pale Ale gets its hoppy hit from Amarillo, Columbus, and Citra.

5.3% ABV

All the Single Hazies

Hazy IPA

Evan and Brian are going to see Beyoncé at Coachella next week, so we brewed this beer to celebrate and serve there (and here too of course)! This single hopped Hazy IPA gets it’s lush, tropical fruit and watermelon character from the generous use of Cashmere hops, and a deep orange color and a touch of sweetness from the use of English Caramel malt.

6.5% ABV

Radiant Beauty

West Coast IPA

A West Coast IPA that celebrates the love we have for our beloved mascot. We use a fair amount of Simcoe hops in the brew, and then layer it with Citra and Mosaic hops in the dry hop for a beautifully clear beer.

6.7% ABV

Brut By the Bay

Brut IPA (Bay Area-Style)

A bone dry, clear, and super hoppy IPA brewed with a special enzyme that allows the yeast to ferment the beer to 0 plato. Inspired by our homie Tim from Cellarmaker, we dry hopped with 100% Citra to create an IPA bursting with lime, coconut, and jasmine.

7.3% ABV

Ain't That Pretty

Hazy Double IPA

In honor of all things beautiful and beyond, here's a pretty lil' beer for you to enjoy. Brewed with lots and lots of Mosaic, and like, just a dab of Galaxy that somehow still shows through.

8.7% ABV


Regular or Spicy

So there’s this drink called a Michelada that totally sounds gross to some people, but for those who know how delicious they really are, you’re in for treat! House made Michelada mix with fresh squeezed lime and spices.

4.2% ABV

Pretty Michelada

Miche w/Ain't That Pretty DHIPA

7.9% ABV

Lisbon Lemon Shandy


We zest beautiful lisbon lemons from Sunny Cal Farms, muddle with sugar (to extract the flavorful oils) and then mix that into the beer with fresh lisbon lemon juice. It’s light, refreshing and oh so nice!

3.0% ABV


Berliner Weisse-Style

A sour German-style wheat beer that is kind of the ultimate session beer. Low in abv and high in acidity, we use unmalted wheat, pilsner malt, almost no hops and a mixed culture fermentation to create this unpasteurized ale.

3.2% ABV

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Hi, we’re Green Cheek Beer Company! Just a small, independent brewery that is owned and operated by two friends who really love beer and the community it creates.

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