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Tim & Jim

Classic American Light Ale

A beer as cold and refreshing as it is familiar and comforting. The kind of beer that belongs in your hand as you lean back in a lawn chair, sporting your favorite old, stained T-shirt, and hopefully a pair of retro short shorts and sunglasses. This is the beer you sip while you watch your kid mow your lawn. This... is Tim and Jim, a Classic American Light Ale.

4.5% ABV

Sooner Or Later

Blonde Ale

An easy-drinking Blonde Ale. Light bodied, with a kiss of malt flavor, mosaic hops and a pleasantly crisp finish. Fermented with an estery English Ale yeast which provides a wonderful peachiness too!

5.3% ABV

Steady Crusher

Imperial Light Beer

Brewed with corn and pilsner malt, this lighter bodied, easy drinker gets hit with a small dry hop of Citra, but still maintains the drinkability that you’d look for in a steady crusher like this.

7.0% ABV

Shasha Fierce

SoMa-style Hazy Pale Ale

The first (intentionally) Hazy IPA’s that I ever sank pints of were being made by friend Tim Sciascia of @cellarmakerbrewing out of San Francisco. His brewing style is all about showcasing that big hop aroma and flavor but with very low bitterness. The body on his beers tend to be on the lighter side to keep crushability at a maximum while the aromatics pop so hard with hops, it’s impossible to stop sniffing. This isn’t a collaboration beer, but instead it’s us totally inspired by one of the front runners of hazy hoppy beers.

5.8% ABV

Zesty Boi

Hazy Citrus Zest IPA w/Ekuanot, Mosaic

Brewed with Citra, Mosaic, and Ekuanot. The lemon bar and tropical hop aromatics pop like crazy with orange creamsicle, lemon sorbet and somehow a bunch of grapefruit on the palate.

7.0% ABV

Attack With Love '18

Hazy IPA w/Nelson, Citra

Loaded up with a heavy dose of oats and even more Citra, we swapped out the Galaxy for a fresh lot of Nelson for a hop marriage that is insanely delicious. Using the same recipe from ‘17 but with some changes in our process, the result is insanely juicy, with a soft bitterness and hoppy mouthfeel that we haven’t been able to achieve in previous beers.

7.1% ABV

Happily Deceased

West Coast IPA w/Mosaic, Nelson

We took our West Coast IPA is Dead recipe, lightened up the color, and switched hops over to Mosaic and Nelson. Super punchy on the aromatics, with some well rounded bitterness and lots of ripe mango, Riesling, and that cotton candy-pixie dust that Connor Casey loves so much!

7.3% ABV

Matcha 'Bliged

Milk Tea Beer

The combination of this Japanese Matcha tea with Winter White Wheat, Old Fashioned Oats, Lactose Milk Sugar and Citra hops, is insanely fun! The Matcha aroma jumps out of the glass, but stays smooth with just enough linger on the palate. Full bodied and creamy.

7.0% ABV

Grapefruit Shandy


We zest beautiful grapefruits, muddle with sugar (to extract the flavorful oils) and then mix that into our Berlin! with fresh grapefruit juice. It’s light, refreshing and oh so nice!

3.0% ABV

Lemon Shandy


We start by zesting lemons, then muddle with sugar (to extract the flavorful oils) and finish it off by mixing it with our Berlin and fresh lemon juice. It’s a light, refreshing, and fun, crushable quencher!

3.0% ABV

Saison For Aubrey*


Unmalted wheat and pilsner malt make up the base with aged hops in the kettle. Fermented in stainless with a mixed culture saison yeast and then keg conditioned for 4 months. The result has lots of estery goodness, with nutmeg and ginger leading the charge. Light bodied, with a soft, lingering bitterness and a touch of acidity.

6.2% ABV

Belgian For Pale*

BC Hoppy Pale Ale w/Brett

Bottled back in November 2017, this beer gets its depth of flavor from the slow evolution of brettanomyces yeast over the course of months of warm aging. We can taste flavorful layers of leather and pipe tobacco, that play nicely with an orange marmalade kind of character. Highly carbonated, medium bodied with a dry, lingering finish.

6.3% ABV

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Hi, we’re Green Cheek Beer Company! Just a small, independent brewery that is owned and operated by two friends who really love beer and the community it creates.

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