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Jim & Tim

American Light Lager

The Ultimate Americans deserve the ultimate American Light Lager. So this a tribute to the two most American, Americans we know... Jim & Tim. A beer served as cold as the Delaware river on Christmas in 1776. A beer as crushable as a great Bambino homer. A beer as crisp and fresh as a brand spankin new 5-dollar bill with Abe’s sincere look of approval. A beer as fresh as only we, quite possibly the most American brewery, could bring you.

4.0% ABV

Mouth Peace

German-style Pils

Our love for lagerbier is showcased once again with the newest addition to our lineup, Mouth Peace! Brewed exclusively for this year's Pils & Love event and lagered for 6 weeks until just right. Mouth Peace is modeled after Bavarian-style Pils and has that softer bitterness, light fragrant hop character, and a pleasant dryness that carries all the way through into the lingering finish.

5.2% ABV

Super Oaked

Oak Barrel Aged Lager

We took a Helles-style Lager, and lagered it in American Oak Barrels in our cold room until we just couldn't wait any longer. The result has lots of cream soda-like flavors and just enough tannin structure to help dry it out further.

5.5% ABV

Fools & Babies

Nitro Stout

Brewed with (our absolute favorite) UK grown Simpsons Malt in order to provide lots of caramel, chocolate, and turbinado characters with just a touch of sweetness for a silky-smooth finish. Pint after pint, Brian can't get enough of this one!

4.5% ABV

Stout Fingers*

Imperial Pastry Stout

Our first Imperial Pastry Stout is all kinds of chocolate and coffee. We conditioned this batch on an insane amount of Cacao nibs from @chocxochocalatier , some fresh roasted coffee from the homies @colorroasters and a sprinkle of sea salt too. Decadent, but you deserve it.

9.5% ABV

Scattered Cloudz

Hazy Session IPA

Ekuanot, Citra, Mosaic and Chinook, along with our house yeast strain, create a beer that is so insanely aromatic and flavorful while still remaining soft on the bitterness and medium bodied. The tangerine and ripe melon characteristics on this one are unreal.

4.4% ABV

Path of Orbit

Sour IPA w/Fruit

Who knew that Cheeky's first flight would be straight into the endless expanse of space?! This journey has lead him to the depths of the galaxy of sour IPAs! Brewed with milk sugar, dry hopped with Ekuanot and Citra, and conditioned on passionfruit, guava, and pineapple; we created a beer that is TRULY OUT OF THIS WORLD. Ha ha! Get it? Yep, we went there.

6.5% ABV

West Coast IPA Is Dead

West Coast IPA

A clear IPA brewed without crystal malt to keep the color light and malt flavor low in order for all the Simcoe and Citra hops to shine through like crazy. Clear. Bitter. Hoppy.

7.2% ABV

Positively Busy

Hazy IPA

A Hazy IPA that gets hit with what we call the holy trinity; Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe. The malt bill gets a heavy dose of rolled oats and light colored Heritage British malt to keep those hops poppin!

7.3% ABV

Baba Booey

Hazy Imperial Cream IPA

Brewed with wheat, oats and a little swirl of lactose milk sugar, we used a blend of English ale yeast and Saison yeast to create a little dab of pear and pepper flavors to go along all with all that citrusy hop character

8.0% ABV

The Other Dylan

Hazy Double IPA

The Other Dylan is our 2nd release in a series of Hazy Double IPA's that flex the best of what we can do with this beer style. Loaded with rolled oats, expressive yeast and an insane amount of hops, we couldn't be more proud of this little buddy.

8.8% ABV

Belgian For Pale*

Hoppy Pale Ale w/Brett

Bottled back in November 2017, this beer gets its depth of flavor from the slow evolution of brettanomyces yeast over the course of months of warm aging. We can taste flavorful layers of leather and pipe tobacco, that play nicely with an orange marmalade kind of character. Highly carbonated, medium bodied with a dry, lingering finish.

6.3% ABV

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Hi, we’re Green Cheek Beer Company! Just a small, independent brewery that is owned and operated by two friends who really love beer and the community it creates.

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