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On Tap

Of Kolsch You Wood

Oak Lagered Kolsch

Oak lagered kolsch

5.0% ABV

Now Then, How Are We?

Yorkshire Pale Ale on Nitro. Collab w/ Roosters Brewing

Yorkshire Pale Ale w/ Cashmere. Collab with Roosters Brewing Co.

4.0% ABV

Castle Made of Clouds Too

Hazy Pale Ale w/ Motueka & Simcoe

Brewing this the second time around, and we decided to switch out the Mosaic for Motueka and bring up the ABV just a touch. Opaque and extremely light in color, the hop profile pops with limey goodness, refreshing cucumber, and even a hit of muscat grape.

5.8% ABV

Unsolicited Advice

Unfiltered IPA w/ Strata, Nelson, & Mosiac

Using some of our favorite hops out there, this Unfiltered IPA is our Tweener IPA. Drier than a Hazy IPA but with a much softer bitterness than a West Coast IPA, we use a neutral yeast strain to allow the hops to pop as much as possible! Very light in color, with a kiss of haze, a light bitterness, and huge hoppy layers of papaya, lemongrass and blueberry candy.

6.6% ABV

Ain't That Pretty

Hazy Double IPA w/ Mosaic & Galaxy

In honor of all things beautiful and beyond, here's a pretty lil' beer for you to enjoy. Brewed with lots and lots of Mosaic, and like just a dab of Galaxy that somehow still shows through.

8.7% ABV

Future Age

Hazy TIPA w/ Nelson Sauvin & Citra

We took our Swim Test recipe and flipped it around a bit, and went heavy on the @freestylehops Nelson Sauvin and light on the @yakimachief Citra. The result is a glimpse into the future. No, seriously! It rips through with all the peach rings, orange blossom and white grape that you can handle. Rest your head on these pillows and look into the future. Hops are rad.

10.3% ABV

Cocohut Super Plus

Coconut Milkshake DIPA w/ Citra & Milk Sugar

This new rendition of our Cocohut, gets super plus’d with more coconut bits, more milk sugar, and a higher abv, all because you’re worth it! We’re pretty damn excited about this one. The coconut flavor is so explosive and legit, and all without any of that fake coconut sunscreen character. The body is very full and creamy, without being cloying. The Citra adds a pineapple/orange character to the mix that brings out all the Piña Colada feels.

9.0% ABV

Immaculate Confection*

Pastry Stout w/ Hazelnut & Vanilla Beans. Collab w/ Ritual

The base beer was built with delicious and chocolate-y caramel and chocolate malts from our friends at @simpsonsmalt, and then conditioned on ungodly amounts of Madagascar vanilla beans and roasted hazelnuts. A beer made for sipping and sharing with friends, its body is very full and chewy, with no need to search for the hazelnut and vanilla additions.

12.5% ABV

Time Will Tell

Foeder Aged Old School Sour Ale

Fermented in our French Oak Foeder with our house mixed culture and then keg conditioned to develop carbonation naturally. Aged hops, pilsner malt, unmalted wheat, and lots of time make for a beer that is both bitter and acidic, with lots of stone fruit funk and a bit of herbacous potpourri-like character.

5.7% ABV

Hurry Slowly

Sour Hazy Pale Ale

I think we can all agree that mixed-culture beers are rad, but they need a lot of time to mature. Just like with rearing children, we know that we're in for a long commitment when we begin the process, but don't we all wish we could just hurry things along a little? We began with our beautiful foeder-aged old school sour ale and blended it with some young hazy pale ale for a beer that is fun and bright, with notes of luscious orange creamsicle, fuzzy kiwi, and freshly cut ruby grapefruit.

5.7% ABV

We Chill Lotta

Michelada collab w/ Creature Comforts

Tart, salty, spicy, umami rich, and just plain weird, this canned Michelada hits with a bright, fresh tomato flavor, rolls into lots of zesty lime flavor and acidity, fills the palate with umami rich anchovy salt, and then finishes with the spicy linger of Guajillo chile. Serve on ice, or without, but try it both ways!

5.0% ABV


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Hi, we’re Green Cheek Beer Company! Just a small, independent brewery that is owned and operated by two friends who really love beer and the community it creates.

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