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Cuffing Season

Brown Ale

A new beer for those who’re tired of the same old thing, and are looking to settle down for the cooler weather and longer nights. Featuring notes of brown sugarspice, milk chocolate, and dried blueberries this brown ale is the perfect companion.

5.1% ABV

Australian for Pale

Double Dry Hopped Australian Pale Ale

We’re loving this New Zealand Cascade from Freestyle Farms, so we wanted to show it off in this super lean Pale Ale! Double dry hopped and bloomin’ with flavors of lemon, basil, and honeydew.

5.8% ABV

Learn So Slow

Hazy IPA

Amarillo hops lead the charge on this new hazy IPA, with Simco and and Mosaic just sprinkled in.


7.5% ABV

Passionfruit Agenda

Hazy IPA w/Passionfruit

A hazy IPA loaded with a plethora of passionfruit to provide a gentle hint of tart and sweet and that perfectly complements the juicy citrus from the Amarillo and Simcoe hops.


6.6% ABV

West in Peace

Double West Coast IPA

We all know that West Coast IPA officially died recently, and so it is with heavy hearts that we now commemorate its death with this Double West Coast IPA. Clear, bitter, and dry hopped with Amarillo and Citra. 


8.1% ABV

Mop Mop Mop

Tropical Fruit Beer

Yep, it’s still 80f here in California, so we’re celebrating with lots of tropical fruit! Mango, Orange, and Passionfruit make this tasty baby exactly what you need during our California Winter.

7.0% ABV


Blonde Ale

An easy drinking American Blonde Ale! Light in body, with a delicate maltiness, the finish is smooth and crisp. 

5.8% ABV

Salute to Classic Beer Styles

Traditional Hazy IPA

With complete admiration for the heritage, we came together with our buds at Cellarmaker to return to the roots of IPA by reengaging with classic hop varieties like Enigma, Motueka, Mosaic, and Galaxy to brew something truly familiar with this hazy regional ale.

7.0% ABV

Super Oaked V2.0

Oak Barreled Lager

Lagered for over 2 months in American Oak Barrels, version 2.0 is a blend of Fest Bier and Pilsner that is both crushable and totally unique.

5.5% ABV



A sour German-style wheat beer that is kind of the ultimate session beer. Low in abv and high in acidity, we use unmalted wheat, pilsner malt, almost no hops and a mixed culture fermentation to create this unpastuerized ale.

3.2% ABV



Brewed with lots and lots of milk sugar to create a creamy, full-bodied beer, hopped like crazy with Citra hops then soaked on toasted coconut shreds, it's a Coconut Milkshake IPA!

6.1% ABV

Start Here

Hoppy Pilsner

A German-style Pilsner dry hopped heavily with German Hop variety Huell Melon and then lagered for 6 weeks until just right. Crystal clear, light bodied and super dry with the Huell Melon bringing characters of white grape and cedar to the glass.

5.7% ABV

Andy Black

Milk Stout on Nitro

Named after our favorite non-British, British beer brewer, this tasty little treat is brewed with lactose to create that lovely, creamy, chocolatey flavor you've been wanting all along and slow poured on Nitro.

4.0% ABV



So there’s this drink called a Michelada that totally sounds gross to some people, but for those who know how delicious they really are, you’re in for a treat! House made michelada mix with fresh squeezed lime and spices. 

4.2% ABV

Sea Pup

Salted Grapefruit Shandy

We zest a bunch of grapefruits, muddle with sugar (to extract the flavorful oils), and then mix that into the beer with the grapefruit juice. The result is probably what the beer version of Fresca would taste like.

4.8% ABV

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Hi, we’re Green Cheek Beer Company! Just a small, independent brewery that is owned and operated by two friends who really love beer and the community it creates.

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